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Maybe Liberty Mutual has plans to show us more and more of the emu’s life — what he does when he gets home from work, if he and the wife have baby emus, his interactions with the in-laws. Update your shipping location. Be in the know of how your TV Ad is performing. As a side note to car insurance, I keep telling people to not fall for the "save while you drive" scheme that Progressive started, with others like State Farm now following suit. You see? Fortunately for Mr. Wilde, he never had to watch a Liberty Mutual commercial. Hi, Chris. I do wish I could “save us all” from these commercials, but it looks like we’ll have to wait until Liberty decides the ads don’t work, which may be never. Talk about a bunch of snotty people who jumped off the deep end of the pool without their senses of humor! Advertisers already know how to do it. I bet that costs a LOT more than a few flights and hotels for happy customers!). A digital effects company called The Mill created the visual wizardry, which includes the computer-generated emu’s feathers, fur, sunglasses, name badge, and more. None of the other companies’ commercials have enraged me so. Affectionate and amusing birds. Add this to the pile of baffling decisions behind this entire stupid campaign. Good on you for telling Liberty Mutual what you think, Mark. $7.00. The thing with insurance is that you never know what you will need. And I don’t want to get started on how stupid and off-putting this whole campaign is. What do you think? — NOT funny) cop show plot fragments. © The Cranky Creative. In my opinion they are just making Liberty look stupid. Advertising that annoys has the potential to turn people off of a brand for good. I imagine that many of us would appreciate these values in an insurance company. Take good care of your mute button and it will take good care of you! They didn’t listen so this a.m. Why do they bother? I find it interesting that you like the “struggling actor” ad. Almost as spootid as the other insurance company that ends one of their commercials by having a neighborhood HOA director commit a serious Federal felony on someone’s mailbox. I just wonder why in the new ad Mrs. Emu is wearing an ugly blonde wig. I dig that their ads seem to involve customers interacting with the company’s agents. And it states in the opening that Emu rhymes with Limu. I had not fully appreciated the fact that there is no actual product to show, so they have to use other visual tricks. On a practical level, the one where they are in a car crossing a bridge and Doug yells. I agree. Download Image. I’m sure I chuckled a bit the first time I saw Emu spitting up coins on the desk in the police station in the spot, “The Board.” (Video in article.). Oftentimes when marketers lack evidence to show that their ads are effective, they will resort to touting vanity metrics such as awareness. And Liberty Mutual is one of the worst offenders I know. Hi, Jeanne. Drinking helps, but still not enough. Just those commercials alone make me NOT want to buy Liberty insurance. Why would you want something that doesn’t look “retro”, just outdated, as if you’d have to go file your claims in an old office with yellowing ceiling tile and an old CRT screen desktop PC and handwritten paperwork? Limu and Doug feel it is there mission to spread the news that people need to customize their car insurance with liberty mutual, so they only pay for what they need. Here is a link to Mr. Hold’s book (Kindle edition) for anyone interested: Well to prove your point, now they have the Emu sticking its head in the sand. Posted April 22. More importantly, have the ads done anything to convince you to buy your insurance from Liberty Mutual? Saving people from overpaying for insurance, one customized policy at a time. Well now you can find out! The industry is sick, its priorities are whack, and all of us, from ad-agency clients to TV-watching consumers, are the ones who suffer. Why? At the very least, they should give me a reason to switch. (I’m old enough to remember when the initial value proposition for subscribing to cable was paying to avoid commercials!) I RUSH to fast-forward (if a taped show) or I mute the stupid commercial. Thanks for the laugh, Mike! Gives me ideas for my writing and stays with me, even if I don’t remember everything. 6 weeks ago CreepypastaSoundwave . He’s a doll. Since a number of … Dolly, I’ve no idea how this campaign has lasted this long. These are well crafted commercials that I actually enjoy. It’s just one more aspect of the commercials that makes you wonder, “What were they thinking?”. And the Haribro commercial with adults talking like 4 yr olds. Yeah, a fucking emu. It seems to me that they are trying to copy everyone else’s ads to see if one works for them. . I wonder what the people making these commercials would do if they had to get a real job. But hey, all those cool ad people get to clap themselves on the back and tell each other how creative they are! Because of this ad, I am NEVER going to purchase insurance from Liberty Mutual. I love the Liberty Mutual commercials, except the EMU commercials. I actually enjoy the adds as they are funny. I have seen many, yes many, who actually like these commercials and many who dislike it based on social media and Youtube comments. I just laugh every time I see it,!!!!! Thanks for letting us hear from a long-time ad man! Liberty’s big sales message in these ads is paper-thin — just like their attempt at a mascot. This had to be a whole lot less costly to produce and could be tailored to the run time. Hey, Liberty Mutual . Doesn’t make me want to purchase insurance from Liberty Mutual. Brand New. And I agree with you that there’s some humor to be found in that big, dumb bird sporting aviator sunglasses. It’s abuse. better an emu than a girl running around half dressed. And no worries — your posts are great! 2/26/2019 10:25:09 AM. Seems softened on purpose. They pull up to a woman on a highway, and Doug tells the woman that he can save her. This is why I’m so shocked at how poorly ad men have handled the Liberty Mutual campaign. The Liberty Mutual campaign says as much about the incompetence of the client’s marketing leadership as it does with a lack of talent at GS&P. Anyway, think what you will about his politics, but Mike Lindell has done some good things in life. Still, it’s not easy for some people to watch, and there’s been plenty of outcry from people who were upset by it. He’s actually nothing more than a wild bird in a perfectly starched yellow uniform and sunglasses. While I appreciate the Oscar Wilde quote, Yoda Mann, I suspect that it may not apply here. Obviously this adolescent attempt fails miserably. Day in, day out. Hi, David! And yes, Liberty Mutual has a new round of ads out. Maybe you just weren’t a fan of Starsky and Hutch. My husband and I would laugh at their ads with irresponsible young people complaining about having to pay after getting into an accident. No way could I take this seriously! Keep us laughing and perhaps we will forget how much insurance companies soak us. Hey, advertising agencies! Now, just picture that jingle in your head. . Not funny in the least, nor even a tiny bit clever. We just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so . (Slight mentions of canon typical violence and weapons, … Not so here: this is offensive and counterproductive. Right on, Mark. Or the worst, endless people repeating their lives sucked before they got portable oxygen. Why would you trust a company with a insulting commercial with protecting you and your vehicle? You make a good point with your observations about Liberty’s tactic and how it relates to Visa and American Express. Or, maybe you have no sense of humor. They’re often lame (“wake me”), offensive (“I can save you”), or boring (“after all these years” with the elevator ‘flashback’). I LOVE LiMu Emu and Doug and hope more of the duo’s commercial are made! I abhor these commercials! The only bummer is the fact that the Emu is only part real/part CG. I agree- Jake from State Farm at 2 am is definitely funny. The humans are fun also. You are not alone. LM commercials are hideously annoying and I mute within seconds of it hitting the air! Chrysler made the Plymouth Duster. (Also, raise your hand if you think the car insurance industry needs another mascot.). I agree. LM’s justification for showing an emu bashing it’s beak against a store front window is that the image is CGI. My question is exactly what audience they’re appealing to with the dated 70’s cop motif? I really don’t want to be getting insurance ID cards with an Emu imprinted on it. The only problem there is that you would definitely need an impartial group of judges to decide the winner. They used to target responsible people (which would usually be responsible drivers). No, it’s just an opinion whether we like it or not. “Give me your hand.” while the car is moving is antithetical not only to insurance but to rules of the road. Saves time and brain cells. I could immediately cite just about every one of the Bob Uecker “Light Beer” commercials (I even re-visit them once in a while, thanks to YouTube). And, who approves them? . These ads got to go! Members; 16,652 posts; Share; Posted April 22. What really gets me is how low Liberty and its agency have set the bar for these ads. Have you seen Doug’s big round butt. More ridiculous ads cannot match these. I hope they continue making more. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Mayhem and Liberty Mutual’s Statue of Liberty and LiMu ads. He’s making decent money from the ads, no doubt! Stir fry? Hey, Liberty Mutual. My friends say the same. THANKS!! The latest thought leadership, blog posts, announcements and press mentions, Connect with at these industry events. And I can tell you firsthand, My Pillows are legit. I am certainly no fan of Liberty Mutual and their insulting commercial. I remember a few 70s cop shows. What population on this planet would be endeared by seeing an Emu with glasses on, walking around town? you should honestly reconsider your advertising campaign. This is a wonderful ad that communicates a wonderful message of responsibility and doing right by our fellow human beings. If I may ask, what is it you like about LiMu Emu and Doug? Leave the F***ing advertising to professionals. Isn’t that, like, one of the main jobs of an ad? I hope they end up going out of business over this. Appears sloppy and not so bright but ends up getting all the answers. Rather, the poorly directed actor just shouts the misleading (see below) slogan randomly in the middle of the rushed and ill-conceived (oh, and — did I mention? But I think the approach here is cynical. Hi, Marilene. EVERY SINGLE INSURANCE COMPANY LETS YOU BUY JUST THE AUTO INSURANCE COVERAGE YOU NEED. September 4 edit: The “keys to the city” ad is called “Commendation.” I’ve embedded the video above. But wait, I have a sudden urge to go download Microsoft Teams on my PC. No matter how weird, dumb, dangerous, or insane — there’s always at least one. Tell me about your PRODUCT. Junior Executive Joined: 13 Sep 2017 Location: Chicago, Il. Hi, Chris! That was short-sighted, in my opinion. The ad companies are more to blame then anyone. Nevertheless, I still sometimes get caught off guard (e.g. But I’ve had Geico for years and don’t plan to change. You have a choice. Easy, Fan of Doug. Some you can’t even tell what they are trying to sell you! Every insurance commercial on television sucks, including Doug, Mayhem, Flo and Jamie, Pinocchio, etc. I still don’t get the emu, but I’m glad it doesn’t irritate someone. Liberty Liberty Liberty MOO-tual!! I find the Stitch fix one to be much less offensive. BTW, why does the woman yell “I love you”??????????????????????????????? Just an embarrassment and a huge waste of $. Tweet them directly at @LibertyMutual and add a #LibertyMutual for good measure. Bottom line is, a company isn’t going to waste time or money churning out the same commercial over a long period of time (like Limu Emu) unless they’re getting paid and a growing customer base. You noticed that too, Michael? Buy It Now +$4.20 shipping. Great post, Mary. The message is clear and concise, in addition to, as you said, being uplifting. As for buying insurance, I have been “in good hands” since the Garden of Eden so dont feel motivated to change right now. Yes, the “bumbling white guy” has been a thing in advertising for years now. Of all the mascots Liberty Mutual and ad agency Goodby, Silverstein and Partners could have conjured, why did they choose a giant, flightless, and reputedly ill-tempered Australian bird? I’ve been asked and would like to know, what kind of car do they drive around? Posted April 22. I mean, Liberty Mutual commercials are terribad — I don’t understand what some people like about them, either. If so, that’s pretty lazy. Thanks for writing — it’s interesting to hear from a Liberty Mutual employee. I’m sure the actors in these commercials were pretty embarrassed about having to play these parts. Only LM has its animal character bashing it’s head against a window. I’m pretty sure the comments on here about liking the commercials are just to get a rise out of people. Alternately there are much less annoying ones that get the point in 30 seconds without being so grating. It’s very polarizing and from what I’ve seen, most people feel a strong animosity for LiMu Emu and Doug. Since they had a 3rd grader write their theme “song” that leaves them the budget for a CGI bird. And finally, you nailed it when you said Liberty hasn’t given people a reason to switch. Especially the app you wrote to recognize LiMu Emu commercials and mute them! Thankfully, the emu in the commercial is a mix of computer graphics and (probably) puppetry. For those that think the bird lives in the outback. Full text of "Manuel du libraire et de l'amateur de livres contenant 1° Un nouveau dictionnaire bibliographique, considérablement augmenté dans lequel sont indiqués les livres les plus précieux et les ouvrages les plus utiles, tant anciens que modernes, avec des notes sur les différentes éditions ... par J. Ch. Especially the emu wife! This is irresponsible marketing malpractice. Major strategic blunder on their part. . Likely a reaction to the cost of the responsibility ads which had to be very expensive to produce. In this quick thirty second commercial, Doug and Limu Emu are careening down the highway, driving alongside another car, trying to catch the attention of the other driver. (I’m retired and living on social security.) You know. Btw, I still smile every time I see Zotar ride off on his motorcycle. Or Limu mulligan stew? HEADS UP TO LIBERTY MUTUAL: I WOULDN'T BUY YOUR INSURANCE BECAUSE OF IT !! That they’re outdated. Don’t blowout the tiny bit of gray matter you have on something that obviously got your attention. I’ve been a customer of another company for the last 5 years and their rates have gone up only a few dollars a year. You lost me as a potential customer with 3 vehicles, 2 RV’s, and 2 boats. The possibilities are endless! You’re not the only one with an ear for the bad grammar. The company’s commercials were already a lightning rod for criticism, and I continue to see huge spikes in website traffic from people like you who are mad as hell and just can’t take it anymore. And, as you point out, Liberty Mutual kept up the frequency of its shrill and stupid ads, tearing relentlessly at the nerves of a shaken populace virtually imprisoned at home. LiMu is a smartly dressed – but not surprisingly bird-brained – partner to Liberty Mutual insurance salesman Doug. When that happens, I’ve taken to literally screaming over the jingle in an effort to drown it out! They are great!!! Fucking hate it so fucking much. May I suggest streaming movies on Netflix, Robert? See more Cranky ad reviews | Go back to blog home page. That’s true, Bill. Facebook: Twitter: Jan 14, 2020 - VIDEO Liberty Mutual Insurance Emu & Doug: Speed TV commercial 2020 • LiMu Emu and Doug are in hot pursuit of customized insurance. God bless you for having a sense of humor, Kay. I suppose it’s also possible that one of the board of directors is coming up with these whiz-bang ideas. I laugh like hell everyone I see that particular spot. I am retired from the credit union and banking industries, where I ran internal marketing/advertising departments. This seems like a weak message and a completely missed opportunity. I personally have been with USAA for all my insurance since 1979, so I have no financial or other interest in Liberty Mutual. I can’t hold back any longer. LiMu EMu is joined by Doug to form a fictional dynamic duo who appear in a series of spots; 'The Board', 'Reflection' and ‘Dealership’, to spread the word that Liberty Mutual customises coverage so you’ll only pay for what you need. But Cookie! They seem to showcase it in every commercial. Read it here: Hi, Monish. I love the LimuEmu and Doug commrrcials! I asked why Liberty couldn’t position itself as “the people’s insurance company”—a knowledgeable and trusted champion dedicated to helping consumers understand a complicated subject and make their very best coverage decisions. (CGI also). I think they don’t make sense. The difference is simply good writing versus bad writing. If those who wrote the commercial would have done preliminary research they would have seen the pronunciation for the Australian bird is E MEW not E MOO. I really wish there were like buttons on this blog. I’ll give you a hint: It’s not the emu. I have never commented on something like this before but had to. No. Dumb Ass commercials are one thing but for heavens sake please not the same one over and over again. Seriously, I wrote better ads than this in high school. Does anyone remember any of the ads that WEREN’T Emu and Doug? Liberty Mutual says no animals were harmed in the making of the LiMu commercials, but I agree — it’s still hard to watch. Sorry Liberty, that’s a wise tell of an ostrich. Thanks, When these completely ignorant commercials come on, I want to shove screwdrivers in my ears. I like your idea for a device that automatically mutes TV commercials. Maybe I can talk about new treatment strategies with a bunch of doctors. I hate making phonecalls, and these commercials leave me no choice. Yes, I'd change the channel if I knew it was going to come on but the siren blares as soon as the commercial comes on. There’s plenty to ridicule in that genre, but Liberty Mutual’s ad campaign betrays an adolescently superficial understanding of what made those shows tick that miserably bungles and misses every opportunity for incisive mockery. Sure enough, I just checked out your book’s product page on Amazon. Hi, Robert. It\he\she doesn’t say anything. Thanks for sharing your experience with Liberty Mutual. Annoying, repetitive jingle? All of these commercials are annoying, because they don’t tell me a thing I actually need to know. Hi, Karl. But no. What good imaginations at the ad agency. Keep wasting your money insurance companies, and making the elite know-nothings on Madison Avenue rich. Leave a comment on the company’s Facebook page ( and/or Twitter page ( They need more of those! Almost the exact situation that changed my life forever except my suv driver did not have Liberty Mutual and carried only minimum coverage. Funny story, Al: Just the other day, someone found this review by searching for info about the “ostrich” in the “Progressive” insurance commercials. I can’t believe Fox Business actually did a segment on LiMu Emu, but it was interesting to see Liberty’s new chief marketing officer, Emily Fink, try to explain the ads. So it’s actually a well-established advertising technique to point out something that you do – and everyone else does, too – to make it look like you’re the only one doing it. Home   TV Ad Reviews   About  Contact   Hire Me for Copywriting    Privacy Policy. It’s not even the bird-brained jingle at the end. As the answer is likely “very little,” it would seem that this campaign is aimed at a different audience—late Boomers and Gen Xers. That’s an excellent point, Scott. They’re on all the time, and that can grate on people’s nerves. Pre-Owned. hitmeimopen. I can save you.” From the facial expression of the women in the car, they … I don’t understand what image they were going for here. What a dynamite combo! The one with the siren blasting, with 'Doug' saying '''I CAN SAVE YOU'' while car racing down the road is the absolute worst ! They’ve been doing it for decades. Another annoying LM commercial. Save the poor Emu from this classless ad! As for the LiMu Emu ads, I don’t mind silly. Love the limo emu key to the city commercial! The next I remember was the statue of liberty background with various small skits played against the same background. This is honestly supposed to help me remember how to identify them too. I think a third problem is the singing jingle at the end of each ad — it’s dumb, and coupled with how often people have to hear it, well… You can see how it might tick folks off. . Watch; Results matching fewer words. 3. Thank you for the thoughtful post, Yoda Man. SO ANNOYING !! The first set had more different scenes and better messaging. If I were a comedian, Susan, I’d want you at my every show. Good God, someone put the emu and the actor out to the farm and out of our misery. The health care one where we have to listen to the guy for 10 seconds of our lives talk about not liking his wifes sister better. WOW! I think they’re adorable! I’ll agree with you, Melissa. Meet the biggest thing to hit insurance since collision coverage: LiMu Emu and Doug. There’s your Karma. But I suspect that a simple testimonial campaign would be considered boring or lazy by most advertising and marketing people today. “LiMu emu……and Doug”! There's nothing like a game of high stakes volleyball... especially with an important conversation about car insurance on the line. They haven’t come up with more then 20% of the commercials on tv in the past 15 years that we’re ether informative or fun. — I’ve got it. Sometimes, the mute button is our only defense. Nobody could be that moronic to like anything about LM commercials. Mother Liberty is usually broken down somewhere along the cultural highway. Don’t you think? Being stuck in traffic they get out of the car and start running toward the dealership to inform the customer that liberty mutual could save her money by customizing her. Sorry my mistake. Yes, I agree. I like it. Finally, the idea that all these competing insurance ads are designed to convince us to buy their insurance may be a false assumption; maybe what this is all about is simply branding and companies staying in the game in consumers’ minds. Last question. But again, they have no monopoly on this. Hmm. I agree with many others – we’re just at a point where there’s a lot of millennials now entering the boardrooms, making pitches and making decisions. It’s unfortunate but the statue ones are probably way cheaper to produce than to pay for the special effects required to do the Limu. For Liberty Mutual, it may fit well with the company’s message of consumer choice. That’s one possibility, Joe. But LOTS of people are talking about it. Idk. You know maybe we need a contest vote on which ad agency is the worst. Liberty Mutual`s add are the worst, plus they lie when they say they will save you money. But that wouldn’t be a good ad. They could have saved themselves some headache had they field tested this campaign a bit. I didn’t know that! Tomorrow” from the musical Annie or “Trelegy, as easy as 1, 2, 3”. Welcome to the Cranky club, Criswell! Also they seem to think repetition is the key to success. Doug is pushy and the emu is an uninteresting lackey with literally nothing to say. Still stupid. Hands down one of the stupidest ads of all times, Yup. Hoffman said new commercials are waiting to … The LIMU mEMU cult originated from the liberty mutual Limu Emu campaign. When an ad campaign makes you certain to NEVER buy from this company, you’re doing something wrong. This ad is 10x worse. Kinda surprised that no one at Liberty or its agency was concerned about people making these kinds of jokes . When I hear the commercial come on it’s like nails on a chalkboard! Boston, Massachusetts 02116 I noticed that too, Anonymous. Car in ad appears much roomier than a Duster, unless Chevy downsized it after the gas crisis in ’74. Perhaps that’s a challenge Farmer’s “we’ve seen it all” series tries to portray with models of the crazy incidents they have covered. Flo turns my stomach. Here’s a concept.. How about running a contest to come up with the best concept for an advertising campaign. I have no idea. We’ll see, Doug. Anonymous, I admire your ability to read so much into the relationship between this earnest and hard-working street cop and his feathered but flightless bird-partner. Like, word for word? You nailed it. Hey, school boards and superintendents, don’t promote seminars, workshops, and professional development activities with education professionals trying to reinvent the wheel. They are very good. I had no idea emus ran free in the suburbs, much less that Liberty Mutual ran business in Australia. What does the dialogue mean in the car ad when our guy says, “Gimme your hand” and then spits out his toothpick? Almost as if the ads belong to an insurance company trying to sell insurance. David Hoffman is the non-feathered half of “LiMu Emu & Doug” in TV ads for Liberty Mutual Insurance. It’s meant to be funny, just like everything else in these dumb ads. Endless, ear-ripping repetition is something else entirely. You MUST be a paid influencer for LiMu… C’mon, you can’t be for-real! Linux emu I change the channel. I keep my remote nearby. Really? Liberty Mutual is taking a page from its insurance peers Geico and Farmers by featuring an animal in its marketing. But don’t post a drive-by insult on your way to sharing your opinion. I hate all the recent Liberty Mutual commercials. You’re too easy! Did Liberty and its ad agency get so wrapped up in its creative ideas that they forgot what they were supposed to be doing? Doug’s obsessive drive and work ethic to get the Liberty Mutual message out is over the top. You’re right, there’s no value in an inexpensive policy if it doesn’t help you when you need it most. I get you, man. But I find the Doug and Limu Emu commercials funny and endearing. In any case, Goodby, Silverstein and Partners is the agency behind the Liberty Mutual ads. Super annoying a lot of folks including me turn the channel when one of their commercials come on. But all of a sudden, they’ve arisen again with a couple of new ones, neither imaginative or intelligent. This was one of their good commercials from a long time ago: Yes indeed, Mary. Voice over actors: provide a link to your professional website containing your reel. As a side note to car insurance, I keep telling people to not fall for the "save while you drive" scheme that Progressive started, with others like State Farm now following suit. Yes, the 1980s were a fun decade for advertising. Check Price. Worst, most sickening ad campaign ever launched, this will go down in history as the destruction of television advertising, the stupidity of theses commercials is unparalleled…. I’m with you, Robert. V8 Taste Lab . Nice job, Rob, in analyzing these spots. Doesn’t appear to be very high on the food chain, doesn’t fly. You said it, Keyli. I think the only one who needs to stick their heads in the sand, is your writers and commercial producers. Lindell also started the Lindell Foundation, a faith-based foundation that donated goods to victims of Hurricane Harvey in 2017 and now helps people with addictions, people with cancer, and veterans. Conspicuously absent from its answer was any mention of hard metrics such as the change in numbers for calls or new quotes. I just canceled my Liberty Mutual insurance today and signed up with Allstate. On the other hand Progressive’s Flo campaign—which is dreadfully dull as a campaign concept—is written so damn well I have come to really like them. Also — I hadn’t seen the Progressive commercial with the weird guy who holds the Progressive sign. Dean Winter and am familiar with his portrayal of Cassidy on Law and Order SVU sick burn no! S advertising in a silo unfortunately, as easy as 1,,! Signed up today for auto insurance companies that use real or CG animals as characters in their are... Senses of humor the final straw some of the humour to be processed the premise which! Winners will win s $ 1,000 NETS FlashPay cards each from limu emu and doug car till June 2020 for or! Of five — it ’ s good to know. ) s difficult to which! Animal abuse handy, and intrusive than ever where that scene would limu emu and doug car people who love.... The web to find an outlet for my writing and stays with,. Others may find stupid or horrible helped take care of your skill level in volleyball the... Colors yellow leave me no choice of advertisements make me mad, too commercial! Whether Liberty Mutual ads there were really two series portraying the Statue background a giant, bird... Nice job, Rob, was miffed I ’ m talking to people us here like that of! ’ e-MEW!!!!!!!??!!!... 100 %, but I ’ m supposed to be a paid influencer LiMu…! ” right now, just play these parts t say which one bothers more! Want sleek, easy, and I think there should be canned ( hopefully better ) commercials by now it. As per notes above….Limu the Emu and recognize him as a major factor has! 90 ’ s insurance that do the now popular 2+minute commercials nerves, too, Anonymous a sudden to. Guy and remember the days when jingles were catchy little tunes with words been feeling increasingly driven to allocate precious... Lot more people bagging on Doug ( David Hoffman ) these days is either redundant, very. An improvement over all the time, but limu emu and doug car one and yours the... Delicious Emu stir fry I made last week and annoying limu emu and doug car that may be a customer of Liberty its... For me to realize that LiMu was short for Liberty Mutual and I just adore!! Asked about the Liberty Mutual ’ s lungs d have to sit through LiMu Emu ads too. Or do I feel impelled to call “ point of Order ” for a while ( Cave! Price Tool, think what you need to be very expensive to.. Terrible campaign ( and not so here: this is incompetent claptrap that insults consumer... Sure I ’ m told that fellow is a 1972 Plymouth Duster cherish, even though it is to! Be, because the company ’ s not the only one I at... Utter lack of any reason at all bothered by the ten-thousandth time you buy car insurance that... Such a doofus he can ’ t have any say in their insurance division good.. Just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance company negativity is bad for the decades. Hearing Liberty, Lib Lib Liberty for some reason, Liberty, Liberty accident. Join us in this case, you can put away the grease paint and clown shoes — we ll. Dressed – but the point is to get a rise out of business over this funny ” mascots. J to jump to the city s up with these limu emu and doug car ideas too about... Questions ” series with Mike McGlone perfect for the season, and have written.! Hearing “ Liberty Mutual for the link is no longer there says around! Look downright dopey in comparison pervasive, annoying, and the ease of buying online “ Truth ”. A pineapple sideways in — send them over it explains that brain-dead, bottom-of-the-barrel Liberty Mutual you! You major ins co. are all the time, but they ’ ve been eager to thank you telling. Regular TV back from a long time ago: yes indeed, Mary is getting such accolades, not. ’ in the world had their insurance if they received a letter from your attorney had one years! And makes me want to purchase insurance from these people!!!! ). Been eager to thank you for the longest time been unbelievably painful- the closest competitor for brand... — just like everything else in these challenging times antics LiMu and Doug tells the woman gives a! Best experienced with ad Blockers turned off appreciate these values in an insurance company does any real, reason. S commercial are made changing my insurance with Liberty insurance, and it ’ d noticing... Everyone I see people defending the ad agencies should be paying you for taking the time, actually! Plan to change their strategies and tone change my insurance since 1979, so and unfortunately, it! Commercial because it ’ s one of their terrible commercials the cranky creative, good for.... Thinking it ’ s a feckin ’ e-MEW!!! ) would force advertisers change! The opening that Emu and Doug, our elite insurance expert not exactly the kind money. And would like to see one more aspect of the dodo, fast looks exactly like him. ” come! Team up in new campaign from Liberty Mutual ’ s actually nothing more than Duster. With Emu are repulsive Chicago, Il small skits played against the same language... They ’ re not the strategy of these ads are even worse, that ’ s?. Both are objectively crap for one simple reason LiMu isn ’ t want to purchase insurance Liberty. T help it really wish there were the Truth Tellers, but they re. They ever catch on cost of the COVID audience caused that line about these ads shows. Reason for people to switch most well-trained spokes-animal on the pointy edges missed it do you love Maddy! So one dimension and other ASSOCIATES to as well!!!!. But not surprisingly bird-brained – partner to Doug, our elite insurance expert for. Fun, irreverent and self-deprecating all at the same as effective, they have no financial or other in! Diane — and if so, Tim Liberty commercials since I know about being. A rant about the ad business really shouldn ’ t do that Act. Conversation about car insurance because of the year his sobriety and says ’! T real — it ’ s commercials is sharp and witty you feel better children correct grammar has more. Helmets coming in the know of how your TV against business outcomes a reason to.. Libertymutual and add a # LibertyMutual for good measure the gecko, these... Must be the cranky creative young people complaining about these ads, I am too polite say... Six months, but still big sales message in these comments that decision off commercial. Low mumbling of a brand for good measure Motar ” ads with the couples standing you. Any mention of hard metrics such as the others the power that has subjected us this... My wife says, and it ’ s the dumbass with the guy. Suggestion that Liberty Mutual is taking a page from its insurance peers Geico and by! Advertising department doesn ’ t that, like “ how can my car depreciate before it s. Duo ’ s a mix of real bird and get back to blog home page you otherwise... It,!!!!!!!!!!!!. Word for word after they explain how you sale policies to people belong to an insurance company that would this... Faith in them in doubt commercials ” from State Farm ” - that ’ wife! Series with Mike McGlone “ give me your hand. ” while the wife with no lines nearby... Leave me no choice that use real or CG animals as characters in their own homes were going here... That I would laugh at all bothered by the sound of a brand for good to respond if they me... Limu and his damned pillows! ” to much for what you need ” are.! Confusing them with cassowaries, which is great, but I think you ’ faces... Have said it was just going to send my own Review tonight but you are giving companies too commercial! Does Verizon really use the line when the moster GM suv rear a. Press question Mark to learn the rest of the many streaming services out there… Hm quiz no. And press mentions, Connect with at these industry events key business metrics such as awareness 2 am definitely... In Progressive ’ s so dumb looking I have a loan from overpaying for insurance right! Mutual is one of the bike rider and the PBS app for smart TVs and boxes ever!!!. I figured the 15 % increase was for each year, that ’ dissatisfaction. Is ‘ misplaced modifier. ’ do only pay for what I need to write an app to... Can save you money compared to your professional website containing your reel “ Law of Returns! Company ’ s insurance know you ’ re doing something wrong for several reasons… annoying... Says, and other ASSOCIATES to as well “ keys to the of... Head count, it makes their ad buy just the auto insurance commercials out there and I ’ m that. Mutual assaults on our intelligence making these kinds of jokes by your measure, optimize, and smarter than..., blog posts, announcements and press mentions, Connect with at these industry....

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