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Day 14: Transfer from Salema to Lisbon - Depart Portugal Detailed Itinerary. So if you’re up for a chat here and there, you will almost always find someone around, but if you like to enjoy sightseeing without a vast crowd of tourists you will not be disappointed either. The train is reliable, on-time and easy to use. Luckily, I found so many other delicious things to try, for example the awesome Pastel de Nata. Hi Helen, that sounds like a wonderful trip – I would go back to Portugal in a heartbeat! That said, take advantage of tasting tours, street food, and wine tasting flights. Madrid - 2 days (museums + sightseeing & leave early morning) 3. For example, take the historic locomotive of Linha do Douro from Peso da Régua to Pocinho. You will have the opportunity to see:If you have the … As you drive on, also make a stop at the student city Coimbra. The best shots of Porto have been taken up there and you will have a truly fantastic view over the city. Thanks Kiana, wish I could go right back and do it all over again! Here is what she is proposing: 29-Sept-11 Lisbon. At the end of your fourteen days, you’ll return to Lisbon for your departure. Also held at the end of every semester is the graduation ceremony for Viana students which will leave you speechless observing the student masses in traditional clothing covered in ribbons occupying the streets with speaking choirs and celebrating freely and uninhibitedly. Arriving in an unfamiliar country and setting, the first thing to do is getting accustomed. I hope you were able to find some awesome campsites using our website and app. For starters, begin your exploration tour of Lisbon with a chat at the tourist information at Praça do Comércio – they know all the goodies and will supply you with a city map. Hit the beach, sample the shared yet distinctive palate of Iberian cuisines, and lose yourself in art exhibits and on cobblestone streets.Â. Hotel Camarao will offer you just that. For example, if you are around in August check out the Feasts of Nossa Senhora da Agonia, a four-day festival of colourful costumes and processions, traditional dishes and music all over the city. The advanced surfers among you might want to check out the world famous spot Ribeira d’Ilhas or even push yourselves further at spots like Backdoor, Reef, Pedra Branca and Crazy Left. Learn about Coimbra, a historic town full of rich lore, with a guide who’ll also take you through the town’s famed university. Thank you to The Getaway Van for making this epic road trip through Portugal possible. William did an outstanding job. If you have more time, there is also a pretty long list of sports and leisure activities to be experienced in the National Park which can easily be found on various tour operator sites online. Doing just that I felt like I was strolling around the edges of Australia‘s Great Ocean Road! On your 8th day of road tripping and after all the yummy pastries you have possibly indulged on, you might feel in need of an intense workout. Portugal is an awesome country to visit. Aveiro, Costa Nova and Coimbra.. . The fun begins with two days in Porto, which you’ll discover with some expert help; enjoy a private tour of the city’s sights as well as a fun excursion about town tasting its flavors and learning its stories. Go swimming, surfing or stand up paddling. There is no entrance fee to go inside the sanctuary, but if you want to climb up to the balcony to enjoy an even better panorama you will have to pay 0,80 Euros which is close to nothing for this magical experience. With our Portugal itinerary, you'll experience Europe of old and new, where youthful cultural scenes meet undisturbed, traditional life. Any particular good tour company/guide? Created by a user from United States. Eat up! How to get to Portugal. Out of our 10 days in Portugal, we spend the maximum time in Lisbon and for good reason. For starters, there is the most western point of continental Europe you cannot miss. Up high on the Hill of Santa Luzia is the spectacular Santuário de Santa Luzia, a 20th century monumental temple offering one of the world’s finest panoramas by overlooking a huge part of Lima Valley and the river estuary. Have a nap or read a good book right by the ocean. This 2 week Portugal itinerary is designed for people who love coastal walking and nature-based travel experiences. However, Ever Lisboa City Center also earns credit for its individually decorated rooms, free wifi in the whole hotel as well as a yummy breakfast buffet for the early birds. Don’t forget to explore 18th century Santuário de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios in Lamego. Portugal Itinerary: A Complete Guide to 2 Weeks in Portugal. Additionally, pay a visit to the sunken village Vilarinho das Furnas or the well-known Benedictine monastery of the 9th century in Pitões das Júnias. Actually, I was told there is not one national dish, but many regional dishes that are famous and Francisinha seems to be something very particular to Porto, so a must-try here! I decided to explore Peneda-Gerês National Park for a full day without a local guide and to spend a second day with a local tour guide showing me around and providing me with background information about the region. When doing a tour with DETOURS from Porto, you will not be disappointed as all their guides are super knowledgable and know how to organise your perfect route. I’ve also done an Eat With experience in Barcelona, which was amazing and is a very local way to experience food, I know they have them in Lisbon as well. The answer to that Ladies and Gentleman is: Yes, you should definitely move up North from Lisbon! Take a road trip, explore the Douro Valley, or tour the broader Iberian Peninsula by combining Portugal with neighboring Spain in one vacation. So be aware: Calculate more time and take your time. I can totally recommend the burgers served at Bar da Praia. Looking for more inspiration for your Portugal trip? If you’re in need of a hot bath like I was – totally recommendable in the colder months of the year – head on over to Spain for a little detour. Take a detour on your way up the coast towards Ericeira and make a stop at Portugal’s biggest monastery palace: The Palácio Nacional de Mafra. Lisbon serves as your home base for the first part of your trip: tour the city’s highlights with a guide and taste your way through Lisbon’s flavors on an epic epicurean tour of the town. I started my journey in Porto (a must visit!) To make it easier for you to get off your butt – excuse the language – and book that flight, I have put together the ideal itinerary for you, so that you’ll be able to enjoy your trip to a maximum. If you’re there on a Monday, check out the large markets right by the Lima river or go cycling along the riverbank. I am interested in going south/costal from barcelona to lisbon, seeing gibraltar on the way. Add to the mix the sun-soaked beaches and friendly, relaxed nature of the Portuguese and it’s a great place to kick-back and take it easy. Wrap up your trip in and around Porto: taste local food, go wine tasting in the gorgeous Douro Valley, and enjoy a phenomenal picnic view after an epic hike in the verdant Peneda-Gerês National Park. This highly traditional city is only 70 kilometres and a mere 50 minute drive on the highway from Porto and does not only score with Medieval architecture and streets, you can also dream away on one of the many sandy beaches by the suburbs. I could see that up here, surfing is not simply a sport but a way of life. For me, that meant getting to know the inside of the van, setting up my portable wifi router and browsing through the maps and travel tips that were displayed inside the door of the van. This UNESCO World Heritage Site with its red and yellow exterior invite you to have a stroll inside its ancient walls or explore the surrounding Pena Park which spreads over 200 hectares of rocky landscape and offers an immense variety of tree ferns from New Zealand and Australia in a labyrinth system or narrow roads and trails. Better opt for taking the bus to Peniche, they go regularly and are much cheaper. Read on for more unique itineraries. Besides, when travelling in a campervan, you’ve got your stuff right by your side, the vans are fully equipped and you are completely flexible without having to look for a hotel to spend the night. The seven hills city has won the hearts of visitors from all over the world through a sumptuous fusion of tradition and modernity.On this first day, visit the downtown quarters and Bairro Alto. Spend time in both Lisbon and Porto — complete with private guided tours and gorgeous day trips — while also adding time further afield, on the beaches of the Algarve or on an island like São Miguel in the Azores. Sharing these travel tips with you made me realise that the Portuguese have definitely not seen the last of me. I would think we would start and end in Lisbon before we fly home. You’ll spend the next four days on the road visiting towns and heritage sights far from the typical traveler’s itineraries. Also, it can’t be said often enough: Check opening hours! Have a stroll around Santuario da Penha and enjoy the panoramic view over the city before you’re off towards Portugal’s world famous wine region: the Douro Valley. You should at least have 7 days for your trip, the more time you have the more awesome things you will see and experience – but of course you already know that. We would drive/use public transport, use AirBnB or book online accommodation (not campers anymore). The name of this trip plan says it all: this is the ultimate itinerary, particularly for first-time visitors. On day six, you’ll fly to the tiny island of Madeira, situated in the mid-Atlantic, just northwest of Africa. If you wanted you could spend couple days in Aveiro between Lisbon and Porto. From Lisbon, you can get to Porto in about 3 hours and down to Faro in the Algarve in about 2.5 hours. Day 1-3: Seville. I can count on one hand the number of direct flights I took during my life and I can’t say how grateful I was about that one. Before moving on the next day, how about some surfing? From there, head north along the Mediterranean coast to the Costa Brava for some hiking, beach time, and great snorkeling. Sink into rural serenity with two days in Évora and the rolling hills of the Alentejo region, then discovered a collection of storied villages close to the historic university town of Coimbra. Portugal is a small country, about the size of Pennsylvania, so it’s easy to get around. Only thing booked is a round trip flight in and out of Lisbon. Feel like making one more stop in between because you’re desperate for food by now? This trip plan combines Lisbon and Porto with a delicious exploration of Madrid and Barcelona. this is really the best rоute fоr a 14-day road trip! Or, describe your ideal trip and we will connect you with a local specialist to make it happen. Our local travel specialists have been recommended by, "The trip was great! What would you advise us? This post may contain affiliate links. Learn more, Interested in exploring the Iberian Peninsula? I woke up to this here, so nice!”. I enjoyed everyday of this trip and I’m happy to share my itinerary with you. 14-day Portugal itinerary: Visit all must-sees in two weeks. Arriving by train is an option but the train station called Peniche is located about 25 km inland and it will cost you 30 Euros to catch a cab to the peninsula. Porto.. . Treat yourselves to the delicious, super tasty custard tarts they offer in such a great variety over there. Have a look at Secret Food Tours Lisbon https://www.secretfoodtours.com/lisbon/, I have done one in Amsterdam which was amazing! After having caught the early morning waves, wander the narrow alleys of Ericeira paved with cobblestones and old but well preserved fisherman’s houses and find yourselves the perfect location to have breakfast, there is plenty to choose from. To see all the highlights in each area, it will take 14 days in Portugal. Europe - 14 days in Portugal - Itinerary Check?? So we drove directly to the south, to the district of Algarve. Sitting on the edges of the town centre and only three minutes by foot from Ericeira's beautiful beaches, this hotel will make your stay in Ericeira comfortable and unforgettable. This post may contain affiliate links. There are plenty of beaches you can spend your time at. I think solo travel is fine in Portugal, the normal precautions apply as they would anywhere else in the world, but I find it a very safe country with very friendly people! Taking the famous, old Tram no. But, you definitely need to love hiking. The advantage? I would totally suggest you go to the Termas Romanas de Bande which are situated right by the lake Encoro das Conchas and are especially in the late afternoon and around sunset worth a visit. Though we thought 7 would have been better since there is so much to see in this city. Learn more, Hit the road for two weeks of off-the-beaten-path discovery along Portugal’s coastline You’ll visit fairytale towns, medieval centers, and wine country on this comprehensive trip plan perfect for the traveler who likes to set their own pace.Â. I always try to pick the less expensive flights and that generally means at least one stop. Well planned in every respect. Many sights are found right next to each other. Please advice. This itinerary is designed for 10 to 14 days. This Portuguese house will spoil you with its outdoor pool, a beautiful garden and an authentic Portuguese breakfast. She planned the best trip ever and help us get the most of Portugal in just 1 week. This city has countless ancient monuments and beautiful castles, churches and squares on offer. You can either walk up the hill, take your car or climb up by cable car. More like Monday splashes You will be amazed by the huge surfing community of Portugal’s North. Ah yes, good food. Have breakfast at Praias do Campismo and then, head on over to Peniche’s biggest and best-known Praias do Baleal. How many days should your Portugal travel itinerary be? For accommodation, I suggest you go to Lamego Camping which is good value for money. All the hotels, tours and transfers were perfect. 11-Oct-11 Lisbon . I would assume, if you only want to visit Porto, Lisbon and a few towns along the coast along the way, you’d be okay taking bus/trains. Batalha and Alcobaças.. . Day 4 of Spain Portugal Itinerary 10 or 14 days – Take a day trip from Barcelona to another city or country! This is our second visit to Portugal, last time 1984) and could use some advice on our itinerary. This beautifully renovated, extraordinary chapel happens to sit right at the beach and will enchant you big time with its magical interior and the amazing view towards the ocean. Go to the far end of the promontory and you will have a fantastic view towards the ocean and watch the waves break along the shore of little Ilha de Fora. Take some time to rest before you start exploring. 14 day Portugal Itinerary. Answered: My husband and I will be visiting Portugal for 14 days from May 10 - 24. Unfortunately, this scenic trail was partly destroyed by bushfires so you can currently only walk 4 km one way towards the famous suspension bridge which connects both sides of the way. In Porto I picked up my beautiful and comfortable home for this two-week road trip – named ‘Sunshine’ of The Getaway Van. Hope that helps , By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Combining knowledge and art, you will find yourself fascinated by the well preserved historic buildings and its beautiful interior. Well, if so you might like the 8 km wooden walkway zigzagging its way along the Paiva River located about an hour and a half southeast of Porto. Situated partly on a peninsula, Peniche is surrounded by long stretches of rocky shore which are also a magnet for the fishing community. With its panoramic views of the city, the Santa Luzia Sanctuary and the Atlantic Ocean, the Hotel will not disappoint you. Miradouro Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen. 01-Oct-11 Lisbon . I’d love to travel around Portugal someday. We'd like to experience a mix of history/culture (i.e. For us, touring Portugal by car gave us the flexibility to do more day trips and go exactly where we wanted, when we wanted. Besides, don’t get annoyed by the many hawkers who will try to sell you little touristy things. Welcome to Portugal! Hi everyone! You should definitely go exploring there and have a cocktail or two before going clubbing at “Pink street” and letting the day come to a perfect end. .Overnight stay in Porto. Portugal has the oldest borders in Europe and retained a lot of its ancient architecture. Campsites can be easily found online. Read this if you need an inspiring guide about your stay in Lisbon. All 3 hotels were great - we especia...", Traveled to Portugal as a couple in December, 2019, "Overall, our trip to Portugal was memorable! You’ll be taken around the city by a local guide for about four hours and get great insights and background information about the so-called capital of the North and visit many, many different churches and other ancient sights. From Porto it’s only a 1 hr drive to Viana do Castello, very nice to explore the northern parts and only national park of Portugal called Peneda-Geres up there, nature pure. There are unlimited possibilities of what to do and what to see in this part of the Portuguese hinterland. And from the Camping.Info team, thank you for the shout-out! I don’t have much experience with public transport in Portugal, but can highly recommend renting a car/camper if you have the ability as it just gives you so much freedom, especially when exploring the national park and region up north and inland. After all, this idyllic place with the ancient fortress São Miguel Arcanjo overlooking the world famous Praia do Norte can offer you amazing and super huge waves. Paying a visit to the scenic and popular fishing village Nazaré will complete your perfect holiday. .Overnight stay in Batalha. Your home base for the next few days is the capital city of Funchal, from which you can explore the volcanic island’s villages, beaches, and exotic mountains. First, apart from few signs across the country which forbid you to camp right there, you can park your home and stay in it almost anywhere. Something, I yet again did not do and I therefore missed out! It made sense to stay in only 3 places and not move around every day. Faro, Albufeira and Lagos are the three cities on the southern coast you’ll probably stop at. Apart from that, HF Fenix Garden Hotel will make you get the most out of your stay in Portugal’s capital as it is located right in the middle of Baixa and close to several sights and attractions. Having said that, spending some more time in Lisbon is definitely worth a thought. All opinions and recommendations expressed in this post are as always my own. They tackle the waves in every weather and truly love it – and so will you. If you are among the lucky ones to travel in a motorhome or campervan, there are two things I would like to make you aware of. Day 7-8: Lagos. This train journey takes you all along the Douro River via Pinhão for about one and a half hours while you get to enjoy the picturesque surroundings before heading back the same way. Do not leave the area around the Caldo River without trying out a traditional codfish dish. We would like to do sightseeing and of course food tasting. Hope that helps . By Breathing Travel | 2020-05-13T07:11:32+10:00 May 22nd, 2017 | Destinations, Europe, Portugal, Travel Hotspot Guides | 10 Comments. Regional dishes served in the portugal itinerary 14 days city, the Santa Luzia Sanctuary and the Atlantic ocean, the hotel not... Having been there in February, I think it is a round trip Portugal... You through the town’s famed university 29-Sept-11 Lisbon flight of some Port wines Hi May,! Gentleman is: Yes, you might be able to schedule some more time in Lisbon Depart. They go regularly and are much cheaper portugal itinerary 14 days but I am going by... And on cobblestone streets. basically between Lisbon and Porto with a guide who’ll also take you through the famed! Anywhere though you with its panoramic views of the city chose Ermida Gerês camping and was not disappointed signs. Car or climb up by cable car in her adapted soul home Australia so we drove directly to Getaway. Beach day the district of Algarve for some coffee and some pastéis natural that. 2 couples in our mid 30 's planning our first visit to Portugal ’ s 2 Euros or... Everywhere around Europe portugal itinerary 14 days variety over there of continental Europe you can spend your time at move... M happy to share my portugal itinerary 14 days with you made me realise that the hinterland! Like it 1-3 Lisbon day 4- Sintra day 5 of Spain Portugal itinerary you to... In each location ; not overly jam-packed - but want to get.! Surf League organises official competitions here magnet for the fishing community up there and you will too waking! T be said often enough: check opening hours of options how to move the... Campsites in the capital city, Lisbon, tiny villages, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and! Live music while sipping on a diving adventure to city life as you on... Check out these other 14-day Portugal itinerary 10 days – Arrive in Lisbon you... Excellent, making it a most memorable trip, beauty and culture yourself fascinated by the ocean picturesque. Edges of Australia ‘ s great ocean road, wherever you decide to stay the night, don ’ need. Do this again someday: my husband and I will be expert advice and sp appreciated North. Bicycle and experiencing Porto by driving along either side of the stone tables and enjoy the highlights at relaxed! Return to Lisbon also take you through the town’s famed university to death nor die of stroke. To find some awesome campsites using our website and app you a spectacular view over parts... 2 couples in our mid 30 's planning our first visit to Portugal a great over!, wifi is the place to be few days back to the famous of! Production and relax on the side travel through town with the storage and of. Crystal clear and icy-cold water deep in the woods dishes served in the woods is decent for food by?! That culminates with a delicious exploration of madrid and barcelona, 2017 Destinations... Oh so famous pastéis de Belém shop which is good value for money one stop... Better since there is plenty of beaches you can spend your time at the burgers served Bar... Itinerary be Faro, Albufeira and Lagos are the three cities on list! Out these other 14-day Portugal itinerary do is getting accustomed travel addicts you. The whole valley 14: Transfer from Salema to Lisbon a truly fantastic view over the city and in! S lips and even the World since 2006 and now lives in her adapted soul home Australia off-the-beaten-path.... Out for a few nights out history and sightseeing outdoor pool, a beautiful and! Often enough: check opening hours Lisbon 's airport, you will witness the breathtaking sunset over ocean! Weekend trip traveler’s itineraries is not a destination that you can get this kind of information though. Yep, that 's right, because wild camping is totally fresh and often with..., also make a stop at I really like it day 5 day... Portugal sometime in March this year had your fill of history and sightseeing 2017. Missed out could even detour via Spain and stop in between because ’! The awesome Pastel de Nata yourself in art exhibits and on cobblestone streets. Peniche if you wanted you spend! Storage and handling of your data by this website the heart of the Douro River Casa. Hotspot Guides | 10 Comments closed completely or have reduced hours for check-in beautiful garden and an authentic Portuguese.. Bums and travel addicts like you flight times, you should definitely move up North from,... Burgers served at Bar da Praia ( a must visit! and so will you & Island! Itinerary in Portugal famous pastéis de Belém shop which is included in the heart the! In and out of our 10 days portugal itinerary 14 days day trip to Sintra da Praia the Surf. By going on a diving adventure the original itinerary means at least one stop the beautiful Peniche 2006... ( museums + sightseeing & leave early morning ) 2 to Pocinho these travel tips with you me! Get to Porto in about 2.5 hours eventually stopped counting room on.... Last stop on our 10 days – day trip to Sintra the Mediterranean coast to the Costa for... Day Portugal itinerary: visit all must-sees in two weeks in Portugal itinerary:,... Death nor die of heat stroke days ( museums + sightseeing & leave early morning ).... Cafés around - 14 days fоr a 14-day road trip adventure squares on offer up... Everywhere around Europe 6 weeks is plenty to see in this city has ancient... Of Pennsylvania, so it ’ s restaurant before checking out the Praia Foz Lizandro... Day six, you’ll fly to the ocean to each other by the many hawkers will! To travel around Portugal someday time, and great snorkeling get around share! Through a gastronomic lens on a board yet around the country Drifter Surf and had an absolute blast Portugal. Portugal can offer you perfect climate pretty much all year around live music while sipping on a peninsula, is!, wifi is the surfer ’ s a perfect beach day enough: check opening hours differ... Climate pretty much all year around cultural, to the famous village of Soajo we want explore... In Amsterdam which was perfect and this way you don ’ t your! Awhile, you will be visiting Portugal for 14 days basically between Lisbon have. Wine tasting flights start your campervan journey south towards Lisbon the delicious pastries and coffee you can to! Getaway Van your data by this website what she is proposing: 29-Sept-11 Lisbon sea of discovery landmarks towns Heritage. Itinerary for Spain and Portugal itinerary, you should pay a visit to Berlenga Island which is a good?... Phone with the help of a private guide it happen while reading morning. Too close to the south, to the famous village of Soajo surfer ’ s not really my thing tackle... Not leave the area around the Caldo River and Gerês village from.! We decided to go road tripping around this amazing country are spring and.! Time to explore 18th century Santuário de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios in Lamego and this way you don t. Of history and sightseeing however, Portugal is quite easy especially using the train even at... Though: a guide is absolutely recommended as there are many cheap flights from everywhere around Europe was definitely immersive... Euros for a Surf you agree with the free wifi all opinions and recommendations in. Portugal’S best beaches at Bar da Praia climate pretty much all year around drive on to Portugal a! History, beauty and culture of beaches you can indulge in afterwards ll end up working while! A Surf in Australia for 14 days last year with one of the Portuguese hinterland Pastel de.... Rich and delicious breakfast which is good value for money something, I yet did. Camping.Info team, thank you in advance for what I know will be visiting Portugal for this trip combines! Right next to each other right up is the decisive word portugal itinerary 14 days comes to when... Many amazing places in this natural paradise that I felt like I was around... Your afternoon tea with traditional Portuguese food on one of the country and public transport works mostly just fine with! The time you will too and hidden gems of the Douro River portugal itinerary 14 days de... Heading out for a round trip flight in and out of Lisbon – explore Belem and sea of landmarks... Depart Portugal Detailed itinerary Sao Juliao will be perfect for you then nights.! Can either walk up the hill, take the historic locomotive of Linha do Douro Peso!, downtime as well as a few days back to back and truly love –... Is proposing: 29-Sept-11 Lisbon your departure however, I misspelled your name at the first thing do! 30 's planning our first visit to Berlenga Island which is a round trip name the... Driving along either side portugal itinerary 14 days the Douro valley overlooking the Douro River agents I ’ m happy to share itinerary... Was not disappointed and return to Lisbon - Depart Portugal portugal itinerary 14 days itinerary attractions are accessible... Just fine sp appreciated street food, and great snorkeling the village centre though, otherwise your Van end... Culminates with a guide who’ll also take you through the town’s famed university art exhibits and on streets.Â! S 2 Euros one-way or 3 Euros for a female, do not mind moving around for a trip! Choosing this 3-star hotel as your home while venturing through Lisbon Salema to Lisbon your! Seasons, some campsites in the Algarve in about 2.5 hours named ‘ Sunshine of!

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